King of Devon by Naleighna Kai

King of Devon by bestselling author, Naleighna Kai, is book four of the nine book Kings of the Castle series penned by various female authors. Book one, Kings of the Castle is an introduction to all of the Kings, with emphasis on Vikkas Germaine. Books two through nine are standalones with no cliffhangers and can be read in any order, though I’m reading them in sequence.

Nine former students of Khalil Germaine, now Kings of The Castle, are recruited by their mentor to root out and eliminate the corruption that has infiltrated The Castle, initially a humanitarian endeavor. They vow to protect The Castle and each other from future attacks, while searching for the person or persons responsible for the attempted assassination of their mentor, Khalil and his son, Vikkas. Along the way they meet some extraordinary women. This is Jaidev “Jai” Maharaj’s story.

Jaidev “Jai” Maharaj is King of Devon, a fifteen block stretch on the North Side of Chicago known as Little India, which fits perfectly with his East Indian heritage. He’s a holistic medicine specialist and the owner/director of Chetan Healing Center, where his multi-pronged holistic approach to patient care has resulted in the successful recovery of comatose patients at a rate not seen in traditional medical facilities. The center has recently been through an epic failure. A comatose patient in the center, Temple Devaughn, is impregnated by an unknown abuser. Though it’s not wise for Jai to get involved with a patient from his facility in the midst of an abuse scandal, his admiration for Temple’s ability to adapt to her vastly different existence has transformed into a full-on attraction that he struggles with daily.

Temple Devaughn is violated and impregnated while she is a comatose patient in Chetan Healing Center. She goes into premature labor and awakens to find she’s been in a coma for a year and is now a mother. The first face she sees when she awakens is Jai’s and from that moment she is fixated on his care, concern and kindness. She hopes he can heal her heart as fully as he healed her body.

King of Devon continues the literary excellence of this series. Naleighna Kai introduced us to the world of The Castle and it’s new kings in book one, and now she takes us even deeper into that world in this fourth installment of the series. The story is primarily revealed through the alternating viewpoints of the main characters, Jai and Temple, with some timeline shifts, all nicely executed. The characters she’s created are vibrant, well-developed and have evolved to another level through self-discovery. The intense plot contains all the elements of well-conceived romantic suspense: intrigue, drama, love, betrayal and revenge.

I give King of Devon a resounding 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it to anyone who enjoys multicultural romantic suspense or well-written contemporary romance. There is some sexual content that may not be suitable for sensitive readers.

My thanks to Independent Publishers Group and NetGalley for the opportunity to read an advance copy of this book. However, the opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine and mine alone.

Publication Date: December 6, 2019

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