The Vows We Break by Briana Cole

The Vows We Break is book two in Briana Cole’s Unconditional series. Ms. Cole is still approaching familial and romantic relationships from a fresh viewpoint and does not disappoint in this continuation of her urban romance series. Kimera Davis is still up to her old tricks, lying and deceiving, in order to make a fast … Continue reading The Vows We Break by Briana Cole

Side Chick Nation by Aya de León

Side Chick Nation by Aya de León is book four in her Justice Hustlers urban crime fiction series. I haven’t read the previous books in the series, but this one works well as a standalone. Side Chick Nation is an unexpectedly interesting read. The author explores how climate change, colonization and a lack of appropriate … Continue reading Side Chick Nation by Aya de León

Greed by Victoria Christopher Murray

Greed by Victoria Christopher Murray is book three in her Seven Deadly Sins series. Though part of a series, this novel is a standalone. Victoria Christopher Murray is a very successful author of urban fiction, and once again she delivers a true gem. Zuri Maxwell is a proud Spelman graduate, now working a commission-based job … Continue reading Greed by Victoria Christopher Murray