The Bridal Suite by Rochelle Alers

The Bridal Suite is the fourth and final book in Rochelle Alers’ Innkeepers series. Though part of a series, this novel reads well as a standalone. Hannah DuPont-Lowell, Jasmine Washington, Tonya Martin and Nydia Santiago are a quartet of friends who, oddly enough, met and became friends on the day they were downsized from their … Continue reading The Bridal Suite by Rochelle Alers

Abraham by Jennifer Beckstrand

Abraham by Jennifer Beckstrand is the second book in her Petersheim Brothers series. Abraham is the second eldest of the Petersheim brothers, fondly known as the Peanut Butter Brothers, so named because of the family business. The youngest Petersheim brothers are nine-year-old twins, Alfie and Benji, who are totally “laugh out loud” hilarious. They’ve been … Continue reading Abraham by Jennifer Beckstrand