Annihilation Protocol

The Annihilation Protocol by Michael Laurence is book two in his The Extinction Agenda series. FBI Special Agent James Mason is once again investigating the shadow group known as The Thirteen. The plan has changed from global pandemic (scary in the time of COVID-19) to chemical annihilation, still with the intent to decimate the world’s … Continue reading Annihilation Protocol

Money Devils 1

ASHLEY and JAQUAVIS are New York bestselling co-authors and currently reside in Michigan working on their next project. Learn more at From the New York Times bestselling authors of The Cartel series comes a new chapter in a world that only Ashley and JaQuavis know how to bring to life. Money Devils 1 by … Continue reading Money Devils 1

The Coldest Love She’s Ever Known

The Coldest Love She’s Ever Known is gritty, new urban fiction from Leo Sullivan. Sunday Kennedy lives in the urban jungle of Atlanta, GA. Living in a jungle she is confronted with the bane of all jungle dwellers, deadly predators. It just happens that she loves two of these predators, but they hate each other. … Continue reading The Coldest Love She’s Ever Known

Property of the State by Kiki Swinson

Property of the State is a gritty urban fiction novel from author, Kiki Swinson. This is book three in her Black Market series and picks up the story immediately where book two, The Safe House, left off. Misty Heiress believes that locking people away in prisons is the new form of slavery. Unfortunately, when she’s … Continue reading Property of the State by Kiki Swinson

The Five Shilling Children by Lindsey Hutchinson

The Five Shilling Children by Lindsey Hutchinson is a nice work of historical fiction. Nine-year-old Polly Fitch and her ten-year-old brother, Adam, are sold for five shillings each to an orphanage by their abusive father, Gerald. They’re distraught, but they have each other, three filling meals a day, their own beds and a brand new … Continue reading The Five Shilling Children by Lindsey Hutchinson

The Dark Side by Danielle Steel

The Dark Side is a tale of psychological suspense by Danielle Steel. Steel is the author of many bestsellers but this novel is different from her standard fare. Zoe Morgan has a difficult childhood because her younger sister, Rose, is diagnosed with leukemia and dies when Zoe is ten years old. Zoe’s mother spends all … Continue reading The Dark Side by Danielle Steel