King of South Shore by MarZe Scott

King of South Shore by bestselling author, MarZe Scott, is book six of the nine book Kings of the Castle series penned by various female authors. Book one, Kings of the Castle is an introduction to all of the Kings, with emphasis on Vikkas Germaine. Books two through nine are standalones with no cliffhangers and can be read in any order, though I’m reading them in sequence.

Nine former students of Khalil Germaine, now Kings of The Castle, are recruited by their mentor to root out and eliminate the corruption that has infiltrated The Castle, initially a humanitarian endeavor. They vow to protect The Castle and each other from future attacks, while searching for the person or persons responsible for the attempted assassination of their mentor, Khalil, and his son, Vikkas. Along the way they meet some extraordinary women. This is Kaleb Valentine’s story.

Kaleb Valentine is a commercial and residential real estate developer in the Metro Detroit area. His youthful reputation as a violent member of a Mexican gang has followed him into his successful adulthood. He’s accused of a heinous crime that has his fellow kings and the woman he loves doubting his character and credibility.

Skyler Pierson is the transition coordinator at the Second Chance at Life Women’s Shelter. She meets Kaleb when he becomes a frequent volunteer at the shelter, owned and operated by Reno DeLuca, Kaleb’s fellow king and longtime friend. Skyler knows that Kaleb volunteers so he can get closer to her but has too much going on in her life to be thinking about a romantic relationship. Just when she’s warming to Kaleb’s pursuit, she learns of his alleged crimes and is shocked and horrified that she almost gave her heart to the worst kind of criminal.

King of South Shore is worthy of its inclusion in the noteworthy Kings of the Castle series. Scott presents well-developed, likable leading characters. The plot has more than enough suspense to grab and keep the reader’s attention while maintaining the continuity of the series.

This is another great addition to the series and I give it 5 out of 5 stars. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys multicultural romantic suspense or well-written contemporary romance. There is explicit sexual content that may be offensive to some readers.

My thanks to Independent Publishers Group and NetGalley for the opportunity to read an advance copy of this book. However, the opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine and mine alone.

Publication Date: December 13, 2019

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