The Highland Outlaw by Heather McCollum

The Highland Outlaw is book four in The Campbells series by award-winning historical romance writer, Heather McCollum. Though part of a series, this novel is a standalone. All the books in The Campbells series are standalone, though there is some character overlap.

Shaw Sinclair, hardened warrior and Laird of Clan Sinclair, has been tasked with an important mission that could literally have life or death consequences. He enlists the help of Alana Campbell, sister of the Chief of Clan Campbell, a beautiful woman and skilled fighter. The mission requires them to be in close contact, which is both a blessing and a curse for these two members of rival clans.

The Highland Outlaw is an excellent read. Ms. McCollum has once again successfully written a novel that is masterfully executed. The plot is exciting and held my attention from start to finish. I found the characters to be interesting and believable. The highland scenery is used smartly. McCollum wisely mixes in humor to counter the serious plot. The ending is well-executed, and the accurate historical atmosphere ties all the elements together, adding another interesting aspect to the story.

This is another 5 out of 5 from this author, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys historical romance. There is some violence and sexual content that may be offensive to sensitive readers.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book and thank Entangled Publishing, LLC for the opportunity. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Publication Date: October 21, 2019

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