Once Upon a Highland Glen by Suzan Tisdale

Do tales of handsome Highlanders make you smile or swoon? Are you a fan of white magic? If so, you definitely need to read Once Upon a Highland Glen, an anthology of novellas based upon on The Legend written by Violetta Rand for Glenfinnan Publishing.

The Legend by Violetta Rand

Ms. Rand gives us the legend that is the basis for the following tales.

Laird Bron Keith sets out to find his prized escaped lamb in the middle of winter. His pride makes him refuse to take guards. He is attacked by rival clans and left for dead. He awakens in a desolate glen that magically changes to a beautiful spring scene. While in the glen Bron Keith makes a wish that changes his life and affects his clan for generations to come.

Wager of the Heart by Suzan Tisdale

This is the tale of Graham Keith, third born son of Waldon Keith, a ne’er do-well without a sense of direction, and his new bride Leelah MacDonald, originally of Clan Hay. The two are wed under dubious circumstances, but they are married, though not happily for Graham. There’s a lot of drama, tempered with healthy doses of humor. Graham revisits the glen, makes more wishes and there’s more magic.

Clouds Across the Moon by Kathryn Lynn Davis

This is the tale of sixteen-year-old Braida Ramsay who is married to Bran Campbell, an overbearing, jealous man. There’re some surprising twists and the ending is one of the best. The glen plays a magical role, of course. Clouds Across the Moon is filled with magic, mystique and superstition.

Highland Heart’s Desire by Victoria Zak

This is the tale of a couple from very different upbringings who meet in a dramatic way. Sir Robert Keith and his younger brother, Edward, are hunting when Robert is gravely wounded by a stag. Breena is in the forest when Edward is injured and helps tend his wound. They part ways and don’t see each other until five years later. This tale also has lots of magic and a glimpse or two of the “wee folk”.

The Lost Soul by Ceci Giltenan

This is the tale of a spoiled young miss, Margaret, who has to become a lost soul in order to find her humanity and true love. The magic glen is predominately featured in this magical story.

Whispers to the Soul by Kate Robbins

This is the tale of Kenzie Andrews a comely lass in service at Gordon Castle. Kenzie has a secret that could cost her life. She’ll need a little magic to be with the one she loves. There is some explicit sexual content in this story that may not be appropriate for sensitive readers.

The Courageous Highlander by Lily Baldwin

This is the tale of Laird Owen MacArthur, of the mountain dwelling Clan MacArthur, and Gwynn, a resident of the magical glen. Owen and Gwynn have to prove themselves worthy of unconditional love. This story reminds us that magic can be used for good or evil. There is some explicit sexual content in this story that may not be appropriate for sensitive readers.

Highlanders and magic, what else could you need? All the stories are excellently presented. Though they follow a common theme, each story is unique and fantastic in it’s own way. I enjoyed each of these novellas and rate the collection 5 out of 5 stars. I recommend this anthology to all readers of historical romance, especially Highlander romance.

My thanks to the authors and Glenfinnan Publishing for the opportunity to read an advance copy of this book. However, the opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine and mine alone.

Publication Date: October 15, 2019

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