Greed by Victoria Christopher Murray

Greed by Victoria Christopher Murray is book three in her Seven Deadly Sins series. Though part of a series, this novel is a standalone. Victoria Christopher Murray is a very successful author of urban fiction, and once again she delivers a true gem.

Zuri Maxwell is a proud Spelman graduate, now working a commission-based job in sales at an ad agency. Her live-in boyfriend, Stephon Smith, is an artist who only obtained a GED. Zuri meets a man who seemingly has it all. She knows that she has a good thing going with her super sexy boyfriend but longs for material possessions that they can’t afford on their meager salaries. Zuri lets greed take her to places she never should have gone.

Victoria Christopher Murray has penned a beautifully descriptive novel. Greed kept me anticipating the next twist from start to finish. This is a great read and I give it 5 out of 5 stars. I’ll definitely be reading the rest of this series. I recommend Greed to anyone who enjoys urban fiction.

My thanks to Gallery, Pocket Books and NetGalley for the opportunity to read an advance copy of this book. However, the opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine and mine alone.

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